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Looking for a great business opportunity that spreads joy and leaves you feeling fulfilled? Romp n' Roll provides fantastic gym classes for young children, but did you know we also have additional revenue streams available by doubling as a children’s party franchise?

  • Birthday Parties: A birthday party business is a great way to bring make a child feel on top of the world for their special day. Our parties are designed to bring fun and excitement to a range of age groups.
  • Special Events: Romp n' Roll locations also offer several other events throughout the year to promote your business and show off the great facilities you have to offer. Whether it’s camps, open playtime hours or special events like Kid’s Night Out, there are plenty of programs to draw in children and parents to your location.

Learn more about why owning a birthday party business opportunities are a fantastic option for any entrepreneurs looking to participate in the children’s market. Ready to get started with Romp n' Roll? Contact us today!

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Romp n' Roll Parties Take the Cake!

Birthday parties for children are always relevant, and the growing number of options makes it possible for parents to explore and find a party that truly suits their child’s interests. Romp n' Roll gives Franchise Owners the ability to provide a variety of fun birthday party options that are sure to thrill both parents and children of all ages.

What do Romp n' Roll Locations Provide?

If you’re looking for a great birthday party franchise to open, Romp n' Roll should be at the top of your list. By tuning into kid’s natural desire to explore and be active, Romp n' Roll provides a birthday party filled with kid-friendly gym equipment, age appropriate activities, games and songs, and even a party host to ensure a smooth event.

The Benefits of Birthday Party Business Opportunities

As a Franchise Owner, opening up your kids’ gym facility to birthday parties is a lucrative and wise decision. Not only are parties profitable and fun, but they expose all party attendees to the joy and benefits of participating in regular Romp n' Roll classes or events.

Birthday parties and other events are an excellent addition to regular classes. They open up different revenue streams, but also provide another way to fill your facility’s schedule without the commitment or staff needed for a weekly class.

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This helpful 15-page report will explain our revenue sources and market criteria, what makes our kids gym franchise unique, detailed investment requirements, training and support programs, unit revenue figures, financing options and so much more.

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Open Your Own Birthday Party Franchise!

There’s no better way to open a children’s party franchise than with a Romp n' Roll location! Not only are we a premier children’s gym provider, but our fun-filled birthday parties and events give additional revenue streams that boost your business and local presence.

Looking to invest in profitable birthday party business opportunities? Contact us today!

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